Parasite Management of
Sheep and Goats


Table 1. Anthelmintics used for small ruminant gastrointestinal parasites that are currently available in the United States.
Class of Compound Compound Trade Name
phenothiazine phenothiazine various
benzimidazole thiabendazole* TBZ
  mebendazole Telmin
  fenbendazole Panacur
  oxfendazole Benzelmin
  oxibendazole Anthelcide
  albendazole Valbazen
pro-benzimidazole febantel Rintel
imidothiazole levamisole* Levasol
tetrahydropyrimidine morantel* Rumital
organophosphate haloxon Loxon
avermectin ivermectin Ivomec
*Products approved for use in goats in the United States

Unusual Animal Behavior, Check Veterinary Recalls: Feed, Medicine, Equipment and etc.


Table 2. Relative spectrum of anthelmintic activity
Anthelmintic Haemonchus Gastrointestinal
Tapeworms Trade Name
phenothiazine + -   various
thiabendazole* + ++++   TBZ
mebendazole ++ ++++ X Telmin
fenbendazole ++ ++++ X Panacur
      X Safeguard
oxfendazole ++ ++++ X Benzelmin
oxibendazole + ++++   Anthelcide
albendazole ++++ ++++ X Valbazen
febantel ++ ++++   Rintel
levamisole* +++ ++++   Levasol
morantel* +++ ++++   Rumital
haloxon       Loxon
ivermectin ++++ ++++   Ivomec
*Products approved for use in goats in the United States

Table 3. Drugs for Controlling Internal Parasites (Anthelmintics and Coccidiostats)
Source: Goat Health Handbook by T.R. Thedford, DVM
Drug Round-worms Larvae Whip-worms Tape-worms Lung-worms Flukes Coccidia Precautions
(always check label for withdrawal information.)
*Albendazole 5-10 mg/kg     5-10 mg/kg   10-20 mg/kg   Do not use 1st third of pregnancy
75 mg/kg fatal.
*Oxfendazole 5 mg/kg 5 mg/kg 5 mg/kg 5 mg/kg 5 mg/kg     Do not use in pregnant animals
safe to triple dose otherwise.
*Cambendazole 10-15 mg/kg 25 mg/kg   20-25 mg/kg 40 mg/kg     Do not use in 1st third of pregnancy. Do not overdose.
*Fenbendazole 5 mg/kg 5 mg/kg 5-10 mg/kg 5-10 mg/kg 5 mg/kg 10 mg/kg or more   Safe in pregnant animals.
Thiabendazole 44-66 mg/kg             Resistance common. Safe in pregnant animals.
*Oxibendazole 5-10 mg/kg 5-10 mg/kg           Safe in pregnant animals.
Mebendazole 13.5 mg/kg     13.5 mg/kg       Safe in pregnant animals.
Levamisole 8 mg/kg       8 mg/kg     Do not overdose or use on milking goats. Safe in pregnant animals.
*Haloxon 50 mg/kg (no longer commonly available)   May cause posterior paralysis.
Phenothiazine 12.5 g/
11 to 27 kg

25 g over 27 kg
            Do not use last third of pregnancy--only fairly effective. Do not use on lactating does. Do not overdose or use on debilitated animals.
*Morantel 10 mg/kg             Safe in pregnant animals.
*Amprolium             50 mg/kg Give for 5 days. Long term use may cause thiamine (B1) deficiency.
50 mg/kg One time drench.
          7mg/kg   8-day withdrawal before slaughter.
*Pyrantel 25 mg/kg             Safe in pregnant animals.
*Monensin             .75 g/44 kg (15 g/ton) Fairly toxic. Feed throughout feeding period.
Sulfa drugs (dimidine, guanidine, methazine, quinoxaline)             200 mg/kg Reduce dosage by 1/2 on subsequent days. Treat for 3-5 days.
Lasalocid             1 g/44 kg
(20 g/ton)
4.5 g/44 kg
(90 g/ton)
In feed.

In salt.
*Decoquinate             .5 mg/kg In feed for 28 days. No withdrawl.
*Avermectins 200 ug/kg 200 ug/kg 200 ug/kg   200 ug/kg     Also effective against external parasites such as sucking lice and all stages of nasal bots. Dosage in micrograms. 11-day withdrawl.
Nitrofurazone             7-10 mg/kg Prescription drug.
*Drugs not approved for sheep and goats in the U.S. May be used if a doctor, client, patient relationship exists.
a Note that all dosages are based on active ingredients. Dosages are per kilogram of body weight unless otherwise indicated.

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