Sheep Dewormer

WARNING Valbazen has an 27 day withdrawal time prior to butchering.

Valbazen (brand of albendazole) is a broad spectrum anthelmintic effective in the removal and control of the following internal parasites of sheep: Adult liver flukes, heads and segments of tapeworms, adult and 4th stage larvae of stomach worms, brown stomach worms, including 500 ml 4th stage inhibited larvae, barberpole worms, small stomach worms, adult and 4th stage larvae of intestinal worms, thread-neck intestinal and small intestinal worms, adult stage of intestinal worms, hookworms, bankrupt worms, nodular worms and adult and 4th stage larvae of lungworms. Oral administration is less stressful than injectable wormers; avoids injection site lumps. Not for use in dairy cattle of breeding age. 27 day slaughter withdrawal. Dosage: 4 ml per 100 lbs. bodyweight.

Do not use on rams within 60 days of breeding. Product can reduce reproduction.
Product can cause abortions in ewes.



Complete list of Anthelmintics used for small ruminant gastrointestinal parasites that are currently available in the United States.
Valbazen (albendazole)Broad-Spectrum Sheep Dewormer
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